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- The Benefits of Physician Prescribed Hormone Therapy -

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benefits of hgh

All Nutraceutical Therapies are NOT Created Equal

Most similar, competing Hormone Replacement organizations do not supplement patients or their programs with the correct immunological assisting agents required to maximize their therapy efforts. If your body, tissues and cells are not in a healthy enough state to be receptive to hormone replacement therapy, your pockets will be empty and your therapy efforts will be futile. The pharmacy we utilize for our nutraceutical supplementation, Douglas Laboratories, is the only company in the world that has both ISO certified accreditations. They have the highest lab accreditations that a biotechnology company can have and they only make “organic” nutraceutical supplements.

AAI Neutraceutical Benefits:

Our Commonly Prescribed Nutraceuticals, Which come in a conjuntion
with our AAI Clinics, Physician recommended HRT program are:

benefits of hgh
 (organic capsule) provides direct energy for every cell in the body to the entire body. Taking hGH puts a tremendous demand on our energy needs and therefor taking hGH long term without D-ribose will eventually affect a person in a negative way. (*)


ImmunePro (organic capsule)Has a very high and concentrated amount of protein and all of the essential amino acids (which your body cannot make) and non-essential amino acids. (*)


Opti-DHA (organic capsule) Taking hGH also requires that the body has an adequate supply of fatty acids, such as DHA and EPA, which we provide you in the highest quality. (*)


Gluco-mend (organic capsule) (actually can help to cure diabetes) HGH works most effectively when insulin levels are low. Gluco-mend reduces the need for insulin lowers by 52%. (*)


NeuroTone (organic capsule) Helps regulate the brain, which controls the body’s hormones. Makes people smarter in clinical trials. Increases memory by as much as 20%. Also helps to improve and defends against neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s. (*)


Testicular Quench (organic capsule) Prostate enlargement issues are worse for men than breast cancer is for women, though that’s not generally commented on. Prostate issues can destroy your sex life and can eventually kill a person. This nutraceutical can significantly assist with keeping PSA levels down, even in patients with preexisting prostate issues. (*)


Ultra X (organic capsule or sublingual drops) (over 100 crucial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in this formulation). You need a variety of powerful antioxidants when you are participating in any type of anti-aging therapy or regimen. Antioxidants stop the cells from oxidizing so quickly. You can literally extend your cell’s life by double by having the right kinds of antioxidants, which AAI Rejuvenation Clinic will provide you with. (*)


Zinc (organic capsule) Immune system health is superbly important for any anti-aging program or regimen. Zinc supports the entire immune function for the body. Our Zinc is methylated, which is the only process that allows your ingested zinc to be fully bioavailable at the cellular level. Zinc that is not methylated is not absorbed by the body, or very poorly absorbed. (*)


Vitamin D3 (sublingual drops)  – Provides improved immune function. Provided in a liquid, sublingual format for true bioavailability. Most Vitamin D3 is not easily absorbed by the body. (*)


Medical Grade Wild Oregano Oil (organic oral drops)   Steam distilled (very important - only way to maintain 100% of its purity – major manufactures do not go through the “steam” distilled process, though they claim it). Massively increases the immune system. Has even been used to effectively treat MRSA and other bacterial resistant strings. Helps as a painkiller and a super anti inflammatory agent as well as a terrific wound healing accelerant. (*)


AAI Weight Loss

There are now millions upon millions of options for weight loss available on the market today. Many fads that, for the most part, do actually work, but the end result for 99% of the participants is always the same; gaining back more weight than they actually started off with. (*) Individual Results May Vary & Are Not Guaranteed

The one thing that these diet programs have all wrong is the notion that the “same” therapy program will work for every single person that tries it. That is propaganda. Whoever tries to convince you that if something worked for one person, then it must work for you as well, is lying to you and does not have your best interest in mind. Another very important, yet logical characteristic of “being thin” is the actual need to change your entire lifestyle… that is literally the only way to lose weight and keep it off. If you go back to what you were doing before, you will just end up the way you looked and felt before.

Now that that’s out of the way, lets talk about options available to help you on your path to the new you. Options that may even help you to accelerate the process a bit. For the core group, the whole point of founding AAI Rejuvenation Clinic was to establish an organization based on the premise that patient care and focus, really putting the patients first, is of utmost importance and the kind of focal structure missing in most medical establishments today. Our logical determination is that if we actually focus on helping patients and honestly answer queries related to their health and wellness goals, our patients will be loyal to our process and to our establishment; happy to be a part of the AAI Rejuvenation Clinic family and satisfied with our level of service, respect and, over all, their final goals and end results.