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HGH | Testosterone | Sermorelin

- The Benefits of Physician Prescribed Hormone Therapy -

HIPAA Compliant - FDA Approved
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Why choose AAI Clinics?

Our mission is to provide our patients with the most effective, functional and state of the art Anti-Aging medical services available in the United States! Utilizing the latest scientific technologies, our primary goal is to promote wellness and healthy living by focusing on the early detection and prevention of chronic and age related diseases.

  • Clinical Advisor consultations are free! Call now to schedule No purchase required.
  • You are assigned a wellness advisor to contact with any therapy, mixing or administration questions 7 days a week (9am – 10pm) at no additional cost.
  • Medication shipped priority mail, directly and discreetly to your home/office.
  • Lowest prices! of any other comparable, HIPAA compliant, FDA approved, USA based hormone replacement center.

Our focus is you! Getting to know you. Learning about your medical conditions and health goals. Understanding your medical concerns and symptoms and how they affect your quality of life. This information and insight helps us to help you. It also enables our medical team to use the latest advances in total wellness to help you look, feel, and be your very best.

Receive personalized service!

The Benefits of HGH and Testosterone TherapyAAI Rejuvenation Clinic is geared toward balancing hormones like Testosterone, (HGH) Human Growth Hormone through the collaboration of physician expertise, quality pharmaceutical products and nutritional support. We do not dispense medication from our clinic; instead we utilize specialty pharmacies and nutraceutical companies, USA based only, which ship directly to our patients. The focus of our entire team is dedicated to improving the health and lifestyle of our patients. Additionally, we are committed to providing the most competitive pricing in the industry while delivering the highest quality patient care. We encourage you to reach out to discuss the prospect of joining the AAI family and building a relationship to achieve a healthier you. Your best you! (*)

What makes us Different and Better:

    • Individualized HGH|Testosterone|Sermoreline protocols including nutraceutical support to supplement your cell requirements during and after hormone therapy.
    • We structure protocols to be geared to the individual patient’s health and fitness goals. It should feel like it’s “your” program, not “ours”.
    • Routine Blood Level testing done in the privacy of your home. Self-test kits delivered right to your door.
    • Our “over 36 years” experience, collectively, in the industry has allowed us to build pharmacy relationships!
    • Amino Acid therapies available in differnt delivery systems.
    • Viagra (Sildenafil) compounded with Oxcytocin for the ultimate and most hightened sexual experience.
    • Transfer factor medication and cell healing techniques – Soon to be the new rage.

      Don't wait! We are going to exceed your Expectations!

    ( Wave over pictures below for "Before" and "After" shots)
  • "I injected Testosterone when I was 18 years old for a few cycles because I got a job at a gym and met some people. I didn’t realize how much I would hinder my endocrine system in the future. I stopped for many years and gained weight and suffered low energy but, after I finished school 2 years ago I started therapy again. I later branched out to work for AAI Clinics and continue to do very well on our physician structured protocols. No side effects for me. Just healthy results!"  (*) Individual Results May Vary & Are Not Guaranteed
    - Nathan Jaramillo
  • "Prior to using HGH I suffered from a back injury that I received in the 1990's. I could barely keep me from moving and depress. After using HGH, I don't feel depress no more and was able to quit smoking. After sleeping at night for only five hours I wake up feeling great. I am no longer suffering from pain of my prior back injury. I love your product and will continue to use it and recommend it to my friends and family.." (*) Individual Results May Vary & Are Not Guaranteed
    - Mike Cambell